Josh Sullivan (joshcomics) wrote in ajoshcomic,
Josh Sullivan

It's been since Feb 9th since the last post in this community so I wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm working on new paintings and selling copies of some of my newer books. If interested, you can get Toenails #1-#4 and Chauncey #13, postage-paid for $6. You can PayPal it to: or mail it to: Josh Sullivan, P.O. Box 773, St. Pete, FL 33731.

I have a huge amount of art I'm selling, too, if anyone is interested.
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Ooo, fun.
oh, holy shit! someone actually responded to something in the community. thanks emily! that made my day. ha ha ha
Josh. I'm not part of the community. It hurts, it really does!!

I'd like to see your work, though!
anyone can join the community. Just go to the user info page of the community and click the join link.

I've got tons of stuff up here:

you'll be there for days.